The AKL-8-W allows a comfortable wiring of the switching outputs for following modules:

As a special feature on the AKL-8-W terminal are 8 sockets for plugable resistors to facilitate the connection of LEDs.

At the spring-loaded terminal the outputs 1 – 8 or 9 – 16 are available for an easy connection of consumers.
The clamps 9 and 10 are for the easy distribution of the plus pole.

The terminal can be connected directly to the sound module USM-RC-3, the sound speed controller modules of the SFR-series, the speed controller of the UFR-series and the light modules LM-BT-16-4/LM-IR-16-4.

Included with the AKL-8-W are each 8 resistors with values of 0 ohms (only 1 black ring), 150 ohms (brown, green, brown, gold) 330 Ohm (orange, orange, brown, gold) and 680 Ohm (blue, gray, brown, gold).

More information can be found in the manual (PDF).


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