With the switching module RC-SM-4, lights and other loads (e.g. motors, pumps, relays) can be switched directly via a channel of an RC remote control.

There are 4 outputs available on the switch module, which can be loaded with a current of up to 4 A. However, the total current of all outputs must not exceed 10 A.

The states of the 4 outputs are indicated by colored LEDs. It is easy to see which of the 4 outputs are currently switched on.

The RC-SM-4 has 15 different switching modes that can be selected via setup:

14-way memory short / long
22-way memory short / 2-way momentary long
34-way memory via areas A, B, C, D
44-way momentary via areas A, B, C, D
54-way memory via counting (EKMFA – A)
64-way memory via counting (EKMFA – D)
7Pulse when moving
84-way light switch single (step switch)
94-way light switch combined
10Indicator (steering), hazard warning lights, light 1+2
11Indicator (memory), hazard warning lights, light 1+2
12Indicator (automatic shutdown), hazard warning lights, light 1+2
13Indicator (memory), light 1, light 2
14Brake light, light, reversing light
15Flasher, running light

When the RC-SM-4 is shipped, mode 1 is set in advance.

For modes no. 3, 4, 7, 10 and 14, a proportional control element (stick, slide control, rotary control) is required at the radio, since the RC-SM-4 has to evaluate proportional (stepless) signals here.

In all other modes, a 3-position switch on the radio is sufficient to control the outputs. However, proportional controller can also be used here.

Further information and a detailed description of the 15 switching modes can be found in theĀ operating manual (PDF).


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