The USM-RC-3 sound module is the successor to our proven USM-RC-2 sound module. The module has been extensively revised, improved and expanded with more functions – and all of this with the same small design of 65 x 43 x 17 mm.

The sound module was specially developed for RC model making in order to equip all types of models with true-to-original and speed-dependent noises, numerous lighting options and additional servo movements.

Due to the extensive setting options, each model can be designed individually and uniquely according to your own ideas. Over 140 preset projects for trucks, cars, ships, construction vehicles and planes make it easy and quick to get started.

All settings are saved on a micro SD card and can be changed at any time. All you need is a PC, an SD card reader or the data cable K-USB-2 and our software USM-RC-3 Sound-Teacher. The program is compatible with all Windows versions. With a free emulator like WineBottler and Wine, however, the software can also be used with other operating systems.

Sound functions

For a true-to-original sound of the model, sounds can be selected for the following areas:

  • Driving and engine sounds for two engines (depending on speed)
  • Additional sounds (e.g. horns, bells, sirens, hydraulic noises etc.)
  • Random sounds (e.g. compressed air noises, animal and ambient noises, etc.)

A loudspeaker with an impedance between 4 and 8 ohms and a power of at least 8 W can be connected to the sound module. For an optimal sound, we recommend using a loudspeaker housing (resonance body).

Light functions

The USM-RC-3 has 16 switching outputs to which LEDs, lamps and relays, for example, can be connected to enable various lighting effects. Light functions such as dipped headlights, reversing lights, brake lights, indicators, hazard warning lights, flickering lights, etc. can be easily implemented and controlled. All light functions can be automatically activated or deactivated to match the sound and movement.

8 time-controlled output sequences can be set for automatically running lighting effects. For each step it can be determined which outputs should be switched on in a certain brightness. Different party lights, all-round lights and running lights or hazard lights can be implemented easily.

An extra high-current output with 3 A is available for connecting particularly strong consumers (with a high current consumption), such as smoke generators.

The sound module also has an extra output for connecting an IR diode for the light module LM-IR-16-4 or a bluetooth module for the light module LM-BT-16-4. In this way, the light and servo signals can be transmitted wirelessly to a semitrailer and trailer.

All light and additional functions of the sound module can be activated via nautic and multiswitch modules and controlled via the smartphone app SFR-1 Controller.

Servo functions

With four additional servo outputs, movements such as those of windshield wipers can be easily controlled and adjusted to the sound being played. Speed controllers can also be connected to the servo outputs in order to control additional motors.

Operating modes

Like its predecessor, the USM-RC-2 sound module has different operating modes. These become relevant as soon as a standard remote control with a receiver and proportional channels is not used.

However, in 99% of the applications the digital mode (optionally with speed controller UFR-1230) is used, in which the sound module is connected to the receiver via proportional channels. Hereby the module receives the information of speed and direction and plays the correct driving sound and switches automatic functions, such as indicators or a warning light when reversing.

The analog and mixed operation is only used with non-standard RC remote control systems or with speed controllers with special functions, like a cruise control. The driving speed of the model is taken directly from the drive motor(s). Various switches for controlling the functions can be connected to 4 switching inputs.


You can find more information in the operating manual (PDF).


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